About Us

The Tonal Shelf Story

In early 2020 we were so excited to get our Tonal home gym and absolutely loved the product.  However, we quickly became frustrated because there was no place to neatly store the accessories when the Tonal was not in use.  Not finding any options, I turned to my two sons (15 & 19 at the time).  They had a lot of experience in computer design and 3D printing and it wasn’t long before they came up with a prototype mount that worked perfectly when secured to the bottom of a shelf.  Once the Tonal community found out about the mounts, they were an instant hit.  Since the original design, the mounts are now created via an injection molding process making them even stronger than the original version.  As the Tonal product grew in popularity, we started to get requests for ready-made shelves with the mounts already installed.  The boys went back to work and custom-designed new mounts for a specialized, reinforced shelf that they have manufactured specifically for them. 

- David Levine (A.K.A. Dad)

 This business is operated by Andrew and Benjamin Levine.  As of the end of 2022, Ben is a senior at Purdue University pursuing a mechanical engineering degree, and Andrew is a senior in high school anxiously awaiting the responses to his college applications.


We have no affiliation with Tonal and this is not an official Tonal product.