About Us

The Tonal Shelf Story

In 2020, after getting our Tonal home gym and realizing that there was no place to put the accessories except for the floor, I was looking for a way to hang them on a shelf.  Not finding any options, I turned to my two sons (16 & 19) who are very skilled in computer design and 3D printing.  Several iterations later, they had come up with a great design that could be attached to the bottom of any shelf.  

- David Levine (A.K.A. Dad)


This business is operated by Andrew and Benjamin Levine who are learning some great lessons on how to run a business.  Andrew is currently a junior in high school and Ben is a junior at Purdue studying mechanical engineering. They do everything from creating and monitoring the production of the clips, creating and packing inventory, printing shipping labels and tracking the sales in a spreadsheet.


We have no affiliation with Tonal and this is not an official Tonal product.